Aceon Data Recovery Dealer Account Form - Master

If you have any questions, please contact us at 604 224-4357 or 1 866-268-3792.

Commissions for computer shops are:
$100 commission for successful recovery of data with Scenario 2 (PCB Issues with Drive)
$200 commission for successful recovery of data with Scenario 3 (Clean Room Repair of Drive)
Cheques are issued when referring computer shop has $500 in commissions.

Aceon Data Recovery offers data recovery services for All of Canada and we are located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We can have recoveries done in a timely manner and if you are sending through Calgary or Edmonton we recommend using Canada Post "Express Post" for your shipping. You can ship drives to us through the listed channels above. We also offer Iphone and Ipad recover services for Calgary and Edmonton. * All Prices and Time Frames are approximate and may change without notice. Please see our Submission Form for the latest details or Submit a Case for easy steps to get started.
A destination drive is required for the final data to be copied to. You may provide a drive or buy one from Aceon.