If you are an IT professional or Computer Shop Owner/Manager then you can partner up with Aceon.

When clients have drives that are failed you can use our services and make a commission on succssful recoveries.

If you'd like to fill in our online application then read on. We'll issue a dealer number and when you send drives to us just enter the dealer number in the appropriate field and we'll track the recovery and issue a cheque upon completion.

Dealer Account Setup Form  Fill in this form to sign up for an accout.
Dealer Device Submission Form (Online) Fill in this form each time you have a new job to send.

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Aceon Data Recovery Partnerships

Elevate Your Business with Aceon’s Trusted Data Recovery Solutions

Welcome to Aceon Data Recovery’s Partnership Program. With a history of excellence in data recovery services, we offer unparalleled expertise in the industry.

Who Can Partner with Us?

Why Choose Aceon?

  1. Expertise: Years of practical experience and formal training, including MHDD certification.
  2. High Success Rate: Our state-of-the-art recovery labs and seasoned professionals boast a success rate of over 90%.
  3. Priority Access: Partners receive priority access to our services, ensuring that your data recovery needs are met promptly.
  4. No Recovery, No Fee: If we can’t recover the data, you don’t pay a dime.

How to Become a Partner

To explore partnership opportunities with Aceon Data Recovery, please call our Simon at 604 240-2225. You’ll be setup with a tracking link to see the status on cases you send and a helpful payment schedule of your referral earnings. Call us today. We’re excited to collaborate with you to bring robust, reliable data recovery services to your clients.

* All Prices and Time Frames are approximate and may change without notice. Please see our submission Form for the latest details or Submit a Case for easy steps to get started.

A destination drive is required for the final data to be copied to. You may provide a drive or buy one from Aceon.