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With over two decades of expertise in data recovery services, Aceon Data Recovery is your trusted partner in Vancouver, B.C. We specialize in retrieving data from hard drives, memory sticks, smartphones, and servers. Our reliability and commitment to preserving your privacy make us an excellent choice for your data recovery needs. Whether you’re dealing with personal data loss or looking to protect crucial business information, we’re here to help. Don’t wait, call us now at 604 224-4357 and let us assist you in reclaiming your valuable data.

Hard Drive
Data Recovery

We can recover data from any type of hard drive, whether it is an internal or external drive, a laptop or desktop drive, or a SATA or IDE drive. We can handle any data loss situation, such as accidental deletion, formatting, virus infection, physical damage, or mechanical failure. We have the tools and expertise to recover your data safely and securely.

RAID System
Data Recovery

Whether it be a NAS device or an enterprise-class server crash, our RAID recovery engineers are able to recover your data, even from the most severely damaged storage arrays. Barely a day goes by that we don’t recover data from RAID-5 arrays with multiple drive failures. We also provide recovery from QNAP, and Synology NAS Units.

Mobile Device
Data Recovery

We are specialists in damaged cell phone repair. Since 2004 we have successfully recovered data from over 1,000 broken phones and tablets. We are able to recover data using several methods, including physical repair to motherboards if they have suffered physical or fluid damage.

Flash & SSD
Data Recovery

We have extensive experience in advanced flash recovery. We are the experts to turn to for broken thumb sticks, SD & MicroSD cards that had photos deleted, or solid state drives (SSD) that fail to detect in BIOS. We are here to assist with all your flash data recovery needs.

Emergency Data Recovery Services

For clients with time-sensitive data recovery needs, we understand that every moment counts. That’s why we offer rush services to ensure swift and efficient data retrieval. Whether you’re facing a critical business deadline, or need essential personal files urgently, our expedited options are designed to meet your requirements.

What Does Data Recovery Cost?

It is difficult to provide an accurate price estimate for data recovery services without speaking with an experienced staff member. There are many factors to consider: type of device, data loss scenario, any physical or electrical damage to the equipment, and the speed our clients require. Call today for a tailored quote. 

Why Choose Us?

We’re not your average data recovery company. Here are some of our favorite reasons why.

Our Commitment

We are relentless in our pursuit of advanced recovery technology. We create our own in-house hardware and software to deal with the most difficult data recovery situations. Some of our biggest partners are other data recovery labs, who refer clients to us in the most complex and dire situations.

Our Team

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become in an expert in a field. Our data recovery engineers have thousands of hours in the clean room. Experience we're ready to put to the test for you. We recover data with science, experience, and passion.

Our Approach

We are always evolving. Day in and day out we look for new methods, new clues, and new procedures to provide top-notch data recovery services. We take pride in recovering your data at a competitive price.

Our Clients

We are the luckiest. To us, our clients are far more than a case number. We understand how important your data is and do everything we can to get you back on track. Nothing gives us more pride and joy than having helped thousands of businesses and consumers out of data disasters.

Our Referral Network

Over 80 managed service providers and computer repair facilities refer their clients to us when they need data recovered. Why? They know we are the best value in data recovery, and we offer the best chance to recover the data at a competitive price.

Our Success Rates

We leverage our experience and unique, home-grown hardware and software to provide the highest success rates possible. We have spent thousands of dollars to ensure we have the best specialty software and lab equipment to recover data at an optimal rate. This equipment not only drives our leading success rates but also efficiency and competitive pricing.

Our Clean Rooms

Our lab has the world-class tools and environment for hard drive repair and logical device recovery. In our cleanroom, our engineers work Class-100 certified modular cleanroom benches. Our unique burnishing equipment gives us legitimate chances when platters are scratched and damaged. We develop 100% unique tooling in house for performing micro surgeries on the most modern and high density hard disks.

Your Data Security

Keeping your data safe and secure is as important to us as recovering it in the first place. Your data will never be exposed to the internet. Our employees are background checked and trained to respect your privacy at all times. 99% of files can be quality assured using our in-house software, so humans don’t need to do manual testing or inspection of files.

Our best-in-class data recovery services have garnered global recognition and trust from clients spanning various industries, including but not limited to legal, medical, and accounting sectors.


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