Aceon Data Recovery

What Does Data Recovery Cost?

When you’ve lost your data there can be several scenarios at play. Call us today and we’ll ask a few questions to understand your situation and then give you a tailored quote. There are no surprises. 

The Cost of Data Recovery

Various digital storage devices. Data recovery cost depends on many factors, including device type!

All data recovery cases are different, and the cost of a data recovery case can vary depending on the situation. The size of the hard drive and the severity of the damage the hard drive has suffered have a large impact on the amount of work a data recovery professional needs to do to salvage data.

That’s why we do our best to give you a clear picture of what is involved before you drop off. We answer all your questions and give you a clear understanding of the procedure and chance of success.


What Primary Factors Affect Data Recovery Cost?

  • Hourly expertise: The small size of the data recovery industry and small talent pool makes the industry highly competitive. The hourly rates for a clean room data recovery professional in the US typically cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per hour depending on the location, skill, and educational background of the data recovery engineer.
  • Replacement parts: A professional data recovery company should have a well-stocked library of hard drives to act as donors. However, cases involving rare or very new models of hard drives require engineers to order donor parts. Procuring any donor parts means buying an entirely new hard drive. Imagine if your mechanic couldn’t just buy a new muffler—he had to buy a whole new car as well!
  • Internal media: Instead of working directly on the customer’s hard drive or SD card, our engineers make a copied image of the drive using write-blocked and fault-tolerant forensic imaging technology. The copy has to live somewhere, which means data recovery labs need to account for temporary data storage needs. It’s not uncommon for large RAID arrays to eat up dozens of terabytes of data recovery company disk drive space for several weeks while a server data recovery case is ongoing.
  • Replacement media: Once a customer’s data has been recovered, the engineers must extract it onto a healthy, new storage device and ship it to the customer. We sell destination drives or you can provide one.
  • Quality assurance: Once we have recovered your data we can send you screenshots and other proof of success before you pick up the data.   

Why Choose Aceon as Your Data Recovery Company?

From the beginning of the company, Aceon’s data recovery lab has always been about putting data recovery within reach for everybody especially families,  home users and businesses, not just large corporations. Aceon’s data recovery service rates remain the most sensibly-priced option, often 30% of other labs’ prices, without sacrificing quality.

Affordable, Innovative, Secure

By carefully controlling our overhead data recovery costs, Aceon does more to walk the balancing act between affordability and quality services. With our data recovery experts in your corner, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for expense.