Aceon Data Recovery

Mobile Device & Phone Data Recovery

Data lost from your phone or tablet doesn’t have to be permanent. We can help no matter what the situation. We regularly perform mobile device and phone data recovery services, restoring previously inaccessible photos, text messages, contacts, files, songs, videos, and more in a short time.

Mobile Phone & Tablet Data Extraction

The smartphones that many of us carry in our pockets hold a huge amount of personal data such as contacts, photos, calendars, notes, SMS and MMS messages, video, email, web browsing information, location information, social networking messages and contacts. Damage to these devices can cause loss of data but this data can usually be recovered – even if it has been deleted, either accidentally or on purpose. Sometimes a device may be so damaged that it no longer switches on, it may have been dropped onto a hard surface or into water, and for many mobile phone repair companies recovering the data from a broken mobile phone in this condition is a step too far. Fortunately we are able to go much further than the services offered by most mobile phone repair companies and can extract your data directly from the chips that store it on your mobile phone and recover the files you are looking for.

An open smartphone, face down, being prepped for phone data recovery.

Successfully recovering all the data from a mobile device is a specialized skill quite different to that of recovering files and folders from a home computer. Most mobile devices don’t share the same operating systems and are proprietary embedded devices which have unique layouts, memory, hardware configurations and encryption.

The Aceon Advantage

Aceon uses multiple cutting edge methods for mobile device and phone data recovery, including the most widely used forensically sound solutions used by law enforcement, and some that they don’t, due to lack of training and/or resources, such as JTAG and Chip-off recovery procedures. These advanced methods allow us access to the data on handsets others cannot reach.  For example: PIN locked BlackBerry, Samsung, Android and iPhone locked smartphones, or those that are inoperable due to physical damage.

We recover data where others have failed.

We Recover Data from All Types of Mobile Devices

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Bricked devices
  • Phones not showing up
  • Apple, Android, Windows, SatNav, Memory Card and SIM devices
  • Associated external memory- SD, MicroSD, MMC, etc.
  • Portable GPS devices
  • Phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets
  • 3G Modems
  • Portable music players, iPods, MP3 players, etc.

We Extract These Data Types and More

  • Handset information and SIM-card data
  • Contact information
  • Incoming/Outgoing/Missed Call Logs
  • SMS and MMS messages & timestamps (including deleted messages)
  • Email
  • Data from Apps (WhatsApp, Kik, Tango and chat data from many other messaging applications)
  • Calendar events schedule
  • Tasks
  • Text notes
  • Photos (live and deleted)
  • Videos (live and deleted)
  • Audio (including answering machine messages, voice-notes and messaging app audio messages)
  • Full file system from phone memory and flash cards
  • GPRS and Wi-Fi activity giving locations (‘cell site analysis’)

The Results

In most cases we are able to recover all the available data stored in a device. Typically this is performed by bypassing the operating system and this offers us the opportunity to go deeper and recover deleted data from the device.

A phone being dismantled—Aceon performs phone data recovery with great precision and care when handling your devices.This is separated out into two distinct stages, the initial ‘dump’ whereby the raw data is recovered from the device and then the second stage ‘decode’ – where we reconstruct the data into something meaningful; such as a deleted SMS.

We present the data extracted in a clear and meaningful way, so you can quickly and easily understand and identify what data is of interest.

ALL IS NOT LOST! Our mobile device and phone data recovery methods will reunite you with your lost files.