Aceon offers critical data backup solutions so you won’t lose your important files again.

604 224-4357 or
1 866-268-3792

The Aceon backup solutions will encrypt your data, backup your data and store your data on three secure servers located in different areas of the Lower Mainland. North Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver and East Vancouver.

Our software monitors your specified folders and when a file is added it is uploaded off site to protect it from data loss or theft.Your data is encrypted with 256 Blowfish Encryption and password protected.
Your data is uploaded every evening and we are able to save multiple versions of a file so if you delete part of a file we can restore many different versions from different days.

With an easy intuitive interface you’ll sleep well knowing your data is securely protected.

Rate: $25 per month for 25Gig then $1 per gig onward. Secondary computers are $10 per computer.

Month to month contract billed every 6 months

This service can be installed in minutes over the internet. Having a good understanding of what files are critical to you or your business is imperative to adequate protection.

To sign up for our service please contact Simon at
604 224-4357 or available 7 days a week.


Aceon Data Recovery offers data recovery services for All of Canada and we are located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We can have recoveries done in a timely manner and if you are sending it to us we recommend using Canada Post “Express Post” with signature for your shipping. We also offer Iphone and Ipad recover services. * All Prices and Time Frames are approximate and may change without notice. Please see our Submission Form for the latest details or Submit a Case for easy steps to get started.

A destination drive is required for the final data to be copied to. You may provide a drive or buy one from Aceon.