Aceon offers data recovery services on all major operating systems and hardware.

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We can recover (Depending on the make and model of your cell phone or Tablet PC):
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Four Easy Steps to having your phone recovered.


Turn off the Phone (Remove battery where possible)


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We email you logs of the cell or smart phone, text message history, phone book. All text based information can be emailed immediately upon payment. Larger data such as pictures and video may need a hard drive to be shipped. We generate a comprehensive report of the phone usage and history wherever possible.

Your Privacy is our number one concern!

We use the same tools as the police for extracting all the deleted text messages, phonebook, pictures, videos, everything. If we can’t get it then usually it can’t be recovered by anyone.

Our tools are read only and don’t write or affect the media in any way.

We use the Cellebrite UFED device. The most powerful tool currently on the market for retrieving data from mobile, cellular and smart phones.

We hold onto retrieved data for 7 Business Days incase of any irregularities between your copy and the master copy. After 7 days our copy is automatically destroyed.

Smart Phone Recovery is similar to memory stick recovery in the sense that the media is usually flash memory. The challenge with phones is that each manufacturer can have its own operating system with its own set of rules governing how the data is stored.

Aceon offers physical memory dumps of smart and non-smart phones. This means we can copy the entire contents of the memory from a phone and then retrieve the complete contents of the phone. One note, if you have lost data on your phone and you want to try data recovery it is crucial that you turn off the phone and whereever possible, remove the battery. Phones are constantly contacting your service provider and this data transfer can overwrite data that may be valuable.

Many phones only allow for file system recovery while others allow for the full memory to be recovered. Also, many models of phone may only export one aspect of the phone’s contents i.e. phonebook but not text messages.

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Aceon Data Recovery offers data recovery services for All of Canada and we are located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We can have recoveries done in a timely manner and if you are sending it to us we recommend using Canada Post “Express Post” with signature for your shipping. We recovery data from all operating systems. * All Prices and Time Frames are approximate and may change without notice. Please see our Submission Form for the latest details or Submit a Case for easy steps to get started.

A destination drive is required for the final data to be copied to. You may provide a drive or buy one from Aceon.