If we are unable to recover the data from your drive then there is no charge. If parts are required for an attempt then we charge for parts. Please review our Submission Form for the latest details and terms. (Please make sure you submit the correct drive and clearly label the damaged drive and the destination drive)

Aceon Data Recovery offers data recovery services for All of Canada and we are located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We can have recoveries done in a timely manner and if you are sending it to us we recommend using Canada Post “Express Post” with signature for your shipping. We also offer Iphone and Ipad recover services. * All Prices and Time Frames are approximate and may change without notice. Please see our Submission Form for the latest details or Submit a Case for easy steps to get started. A destination drive is required for the final data to be copied to. The client can provide a drive or Aceon can provide one. Typical price for destination drive is $159 for 1tb with an external case.